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Quartet News

God is Good !!!
Mar 19, 2022   12:41 PM
by Administrator

GOD   IS   GOOD !!!

     We have finally finished mastering our new project and it will be ready for you to enjoy by the end of the month.  That's right.. come April, 2022, "Love's Answer" will be available for purchase and you will be able to listen and get your favorite songs through I-Tunes, Spotify, Amazon Music etc.  This has been a labor of love with the first thank-you going to an Amazing God.  Our prayer is that this CD will help listeners draw closer to Him.  With all that is happening in the world today, we need Jesus now, today, more than ever!

     None of this could have been accomplished without the commitment and talent of the following two individuals.  A'men's heartfelt thanks go to Kevin Williams who has been with A'Men as producer, arranger, mentor and friend for our last two projects - "Just Gettin' Started" & now "Love's Answer".

    Then to our new friend, Mark Kibble, (Grammy Award winner and founding member of "Take 6"), who believed in us enough to arrange and produce the song "What Color is Love?".   This song is the new radio release from the project, and in just 3 weeks has moved from #80 up to #57 on Affirm's Southern Gospel weekly charts.  Praise God indeed !

     Finally, a great big thank-you to all of our fans for your support and continued prayers for God's blessings to be with the music ministry of A'Men.

Singing Again and Project Progress
Oct 16, 2021   01:14 PM
by Administrator

  YES, the new CD is coming soon !!  And it is SO GOOOD to be singing again.

     God is so good!  While COVID caused a major slowdown in the number of concerts that A'Men could do, He gave us the opportunity to work on the songs for our new project, "Love's Answer".  We are finally finished recording and Kevin is doing his "producer" magic.  We can't wait for everyone to hear the new songs that God has blessed us with, so keep checking for the acual release date.

     And to sing for folks again... it is wonderful!  On Oct. 2, we did a concert for the Biker/Cowboy Campmeeting at the Lone Star Camp in Athens, Texas.  We met great people who have a wonderful ministry.   They are reaching souls who wouldn't otherwise see the inside of a church.  And the motorcycles.. wow !!!   Today, we are singing at the 2021 Fall Convocation for the Southwest Region Conference of Seventh Day Adventists.  What an honor and privilege.  Thank you, Dr. Byrd, (the Region's President), for asking A'Men to be a part of this special celebration.

     Finally, please keep praying for the Quartet.  Your prayers and support keep us going.  Keep Him in your hearts and trust Him each and every day.




Making Progress
Feb 13, 2021   07:35 AM
by Administrator

Great News on the progress of our new music project !!

The instrumental tracks ("roughs") have been recorded.  The sessions in Nashville went really well. With a great producer, (Kevin Williams), fantastic musicians, the best ever sound engineer and God's blessing...how could anything have been better?  The vocal arrangements are being finished and soon we will be in the studio to record.  Also, the final song added to the project will have Mark Kibble, (of "Take 6"), acting as it's producer and doing the vocal arrangement.  I can't thank him enough for chosing to work with us.  This project is going to be so much fun!! 

We have been blessed with great songs, the best producers anywhere... and finally, a wonderful God who continues to open doors.  So, please, keep A'men in your prayers during this process.  We need your support.

Stay tuned !!!

New Project ... Yesss !!
Nov 12, 2020   01:35 PM
by Administrator

A'Men is excited to announce that we have chosen songs for a brand new project.  We have original songs and old familiar tunes that we pray will bring a blessing to our Southern Gospel fans around the world.  In these troubled times, it is good to know that there is a God who truley cares for His children.   And the best news of all is that WE are His children !!  So, please keep A'Men in your prayers, keep listening to the music, buying our CD's and keep requesting us on your favorite Southern Gospel radio stations.  Stay tuned for updates on the new project's progress and it's expected release date in early 2021.

A'Men Quartet featured on WMER Radio, Meridian, MS
May 28, 2020   06:19 PM
by Administrator

The Lord continues to open doors for A'Men.  We are honored to be the featured artists, Friday, May 29, 2020, on WMER Radio in Meridian, MS.  Yours truly here, (David), will be visiting with our new friend, Glen Miller, while he plays songs from our project.."Just Gettin' Started."  WMER's "Quartet Friday" is when Glen focuses on spotlighting Southern Gospel's various quartets...and A'Men was chosen as their next featured artist.  Ain't God Good !!!   So everyone in WMER's listening area, tune in.... all the time.. and listen to great music on a daily basis.  WMER is doing God's work in Mississippi.  The final important thing is this.... please keep A'Men in your prayers.

Radio Play for "He's just Getting Started"
Apr 28, 2020   02:51 PM
by Administrator

Cracked Top 40 of Affirm Southern Gospel Radio's weekly chart

We've been blessed to get some good radio play for the title song from "Just Gettin' Started".   Air time for "He's Just Getting Started" has been growing and we've charted for the 4th week now on Affirm's weekly chart.  Keep A'Men in your prayers.  All the best songs in the world can't bless.. if they are not heard... and that's why this radio play is important.  And you can help get the Message out there.  Use the following link to WJBZ radio in Tennessee, (just one of stations helping us), and request them to play "He's Just Getting Started" by the A'Men Quartet.


Thanks for your prayers and support... the guys from A'Men !!


CD Release Concert for "Just Gettin' Started"
Nov 04, 2019   12:28 PM
by Administrator

Thank you Jesus, for Your leading in this Project !

Nov. 2, 2019... it was a wonderful evening of fellowship and worship that A'Men was blessed to experience with our friends and family at the official CD Release Concert of "Just Gettin' Started". 

     Our producer and friend, Kevin Williams, was with us as we celebrated the culmination of a year of hard work.  To all who made the choice to join us for the evening...Wow! You were great and we love you for being there!  And wasn't that a special moment when Kevin had Todd Suttles, (of the Gaither Vocal Band), join us on stage for a personal testimony and song?  All the new friends that are in our lives now as a result of this journey, are a treasured gift from God.

     The main thing is this.. A'Men needs your prayers and support, so that our music ministry can continue to share the Love and Grace of Jesus and that it will always point to the Best Friend any of us could ever have!!


New Recording - 2019
Jul 02, 2019   08:08 AM
by Administrator

                       First of all ... "God is indeed GOOD" ...

To all of our friends and fans - thank you for your prayers and support of A'Men's music ministry throughout the years.  The time has finally arrived.  We are now in studio with our producer Kevin Williams.  The songs are chosen, musical tracks are down, and we are working on the vocals.  Keep checking, and I will keep you up to date on the progress.  I have to get going now for today's recording session.  Please say a prayer for us .. this is going to be great !!!

Celebration of Hope Weekend - Dec 7-9, 2018
Dec 04, 2018   02:29 PM
by Administrator

We are so honored to be a part of the Hope Channel's "Celebration of Hope" Weekend.  This is the event we have been pointing toward for the last several months.  Lots of practice, lots of prayer and now - we get to do some singing.  Please keep A'Men in your prayers, as well as the Hope Channel.  They are doing a wonderful work in sharing the Love of Jesus around the world.  If you haven't had a chance, look them up and learn more about the Hope Channel.  God is, indeed, Very Good !!

Keller and the Promise
Nov 03, 2018   01:59 PM
by Administrator

What a morning!  A'Men enjoys singing for the Keller CAS Adventist Church so much!  You really make us feel welcome.  Thank you, Pastor Ion, for sharing the pulpit with the quartet this morning.  And congratulations on your new church home.   A'men looks forward to a celebration concert when the doors are open for regular worship services at the new Keller CAS Adventist Church.  God is indeed good!!

After a quick afternoon break, we are headed to Glenrose to do the "pre-show" mini-concert for the evening's performance of "The Promise".  Keep us in prayer because rain is in the forecast.  So bring your umbrellas, (just in case), and join A'Men for the evening.