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Adonai's Men - A'Men Quartet

The A'Men Quartet is a Christian Gospel vocal group made up of four talented men whose unique blend, harmony and style, fused together with their sincere love for God, has paved the way for the birth of a powerful music ministry.

It all started when the associate pastor of their home church asked each of the four individuals to come together to sing one song for an upcoming Easter program. The four of course agreed, and they enjoyed singing together so much that they decided to turn the quartet into a permanent group. They began to practice regularly and would occasionally sing for special music or choir programs. They soon realized how enjoyable this ministry was and haven't stopped singing since!

The name A'Men, which is an abbreviated version of Adonai's Men, is very important and meaningful to the group. In Hebrew, Adonai is the plural form of Adon, which means "Lord", "Master", or "Owner". They chose this name to represent the group because they truly recognize God's Authority and ownership over their lives.



A promise to see us through - John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son... That whosover believes in Him should not perish... but have everlasting life."

Adonai \Ad`o*na”i\, n. [Heb. ad[=o]n[=a]i, lit., my lord.]

A Hebrew name for God, used for stressing man's relationship to God as his Master, Sovereign Ruler and Provider.